BELFAIR is the annual Belgian fair for practice enterprises, organised by COFEP. It is one of the largest trade fairs of its type in Europe. BELFAIR usually welcomes more than 230 practice enterprises and 4.500 participants in 2 days. The exhibitors are practice enterprises from secondary schools, higher education and adult training.


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International trade fair for practice enterprises

On March 20 and 21, COFEP, the team behind BELFAIR 2025, organizes an international trade fair for practice enterprises at the Kortrijk Xpo. Both exhibitors and visitors are welcome to participate in this learning by doing event.

The exhibitors are practice enterprises run by students in secondary and higher education, as well as adult job seekers.

During the event all practice enterprises offer a wide range of virtual products and/or services. They have the opportunity to welcome visitors, practice a commercial pitch, as well as to enter orders into a Point-of-Sale or into their ERP-software.

At BELFAIR, trainees are confronted with deadlines and are forced to leave their traditional training environment. During the trade fair they have to convince visitors to take a look at their range and handle negotiations in real time. BELFAIR is a unique opportunity to develop technical and personal skills.

In addition to trading activities, COFEP will also host competitions where trainees can win prizes for their practice enterprise.

Are you interested in the “learning by doing” methodology? COFEP has the pleasure to invite you to its annual international trade fair for practice enterprises.

Would you like to participate as an exhibitor or a visitor?