BELFAIR is the annual Belgian fair for practice enterprises, organised by COFEP. It is one of the largest trade fairs of its type in Europe. BELFAIR usually welcomes more than 230 practice enterprises and 4.500 participants in 2 days. The exhibitors are practice enterprises from secondary schools, higher education and adult training.


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The main activity at BELFAIR is trading with other practice enterprises (B2B) and registering personal purchases (B2C) of trainees or visitors.

The exhibitors use contemporary tools to register their sales. They enter their orders directly in an ERP system or in the Trade Fair POS (cash registration system), use modern tools during the sales conversation, and present their range and/or promotions digitally to the customers.

Since the practice enterprise is a concept of learning by doing, virtual money is used and the goods are not really shipped. However, all payments are made in banking software and the entire document flow is completed.


Elevator Pitch

​In this competition exhibitors get the opportunity to sell their practice enterprise by means of a pitch, so within a limited period of time (60 sec).

It is important to be well prepared. The following questions need to be answered:

  • Who are we?
  • What is the product or service?
  • What is the added value for the customers?

As a practice enterprise, do you want to be prepared for this competition? On the internet you can find many examples, but:

  • be original
  • practice with your colleagues and trainer(s)
  • make sure the pitch is well prepared

Every day our jury chooses several winners for this contest. So you might win the first prize in virtual money.

Mystery Shopping

During the trade fair the exhibitors will be evaluated by experienced mystery shoppers.

The exhibitors do not know who these buyers are and when they will be evaluated. The mystery shoppers evaluate the different participants based on clear criteria. Belgian exhibitors are evaluated in their mother tongue, foreign exhibitors in English.

As an exhibitor, do you want to prepare yourself for the visit of these mystery shoppers? Prepare yourself through role-plays with your colleagues and trainer(s) and develop an online procedure:

  • welcoming your customers
  • referral to a seller
  • presentation of your virtual company
  • presentation of your range/ promotion
  • registration of orders

Also within this contest our jury chooses the finalists and winners.


A lot of practice enterprises now have their own Instagram profile and are actively using it within their virtual marketing strategy.

We invite you to publish a nice post during our BELFAIR. You can win a nice prize with it!

Would you like to participate in this contest? Be sure to respect the following guidelines:

  • tag in your post
  • use the hashtags #BELFAIR2022 #COFEP
  • mention the name of your practice enterprise

The COFEP team will look at all submissions. Originality prevails for the jury! We will follow up on posts that meet the above criteria.

By participating you agree that COFEP will share your post in its stories.

Confirm your participation during your registration!

Confirm your participation during your registration!

Registration is unnecessary for this competition!


More information will soon be published!