BELFAIR is the annual Belgian fair for practice enterprises, organised by COFEP. It is usually one of the largest fairs for practice enterprises in Europe. At a traditional BELFAIR, we welcome more than 230 exhibitors and 2500 visitors during the course of 2 days. The exhibitors are practice enterprises from secondary education, higher education and adult education.


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General information

What is BELFAIR ?

BELFAIR is the annual Belgian trade fair for PE’s, organized by COFEP. It is usually one of the largest PE trade fairs in Europe. At a traditional BELFAIR we welcome more than 230 exhibitors and 2500 visitors, spread over 2 days. The exhibitors are PE’s from secondary education, higher education and adult education.

Where and when will the next edition of BELFAIR take place?

If COVID measures allow, the 2022 edition will take place on 10 and 11 March in the Nekkerhal in Mechelen (near Brussels).

Why should you be a part of BELFAIR?
  • It is your chance to present your range to a live audience.
  • You can test out your procedures.
  • You get to know other practice enterprises and can establish collaborations.
  • You have a stack of orders to process after the trade fair.
How to contact the organising committee?

Send an e-mail to

During the fair, you can also visit the COFEP reception, near the entrance.


Where do I find the guidelines?

You can download them from the Registration page.

Where do I find the program?

An overview of the activities can be found here. The schedule can be found in the menu, under Program.

What COVID measures are there?

We always follow the latest government guidelines. Be prepared in any case for the obligation of the COVID Safe Ticket for all exhibitors and visitors. There will be scanning at the entrance.

We realize that as an attendant you may not ask if someone has a CST, but it must be clear that anyone who does not have a CST (vaccine, negative test or recovery certificate) will NOT be admitted to BELFAIR.

How can I prepare for my participation?

Perfect preparation is a must for a successful trade fair experience.

Do you want to prepare yourself as a seller at the trade fair?
Then check out the FAQ in the “Guidelines for Sales” section.

Would you like to prepare yourself as a buyer at the fair?
You can find all the tips and tricks you need in the FAQ – “Guidelines for Purchases”.

Guidelines for Sales

What is the end date for registration?

Registration is usually possible until 15 December. We recommend you to follow the guidelines in the mail concerning the registration for BELFAIR, that will be forwarded to you by your central office.

How do I register as an exhibitor or a visitor?

More information can be found on the following page:

Do I have to pay to be an exhibitor at the trade fair?

To participate in BELFAIR you pay in advance:

  • 200 EUR for 1 day
  • 300 EUR for 2 days

The payment details are listed on the invoice.

How can I process orders during the trade fair?

As you wish:

  • in the Trade Fair Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • in an ERP system
  • in your own IT system
  • in your webshop

Guidelines for Purchases

How can I organize my purchases?

Are you part of a PE?

You can make company purchases as well as personal purchases.

You can pay via the company account, the personal account, the PE credit card, the Belgian trade fair card or in some cases just cash.

Are you not (yet) part of a PE?

In that case you make personal purchases. When placing orders, keep in mind a realistic amount.

You can pay with a Belgian trade fair card or in some cases just cash.

Questions about the means of payment? Go to the FAQ section “Transactions and payments”.

How do I prepare my purchases?

You can download the list of participants on the BELFAIR website. The list of exhibitors will be available a few weeks before the opening of the fair.

Can I invite external visitors ?

Yes, external visitors (board/management/colleagues/ …) can also make purchases at our online fairs. Individuals who are not part of a practice enterprise will soon be able to register on the Registration page:

Decoration & tools

What equipment do I need ?

As an exhibitor, your sellers must at least have

  • an attractively furnished stand
  • several laptops on which orders can be registered
  • digital catalogues/promotions or a webshop

Extras, such as a tablet for registering orders in the Trade Fair POS, are handy but not essential.

What do our textiles have to comply with in terms of fire safety?

The  textiles offered come with a ‘flame retardant’ certificate.

When reusing the textiles, the certificate must be kept available.

If other material is used, it can be treated with a flame retardant product.

Always bring a proof that the material has been treated.

Transactions & payments

What are the payment options at a trade fair?

Check the overview here.