Annual trade fair for practice enterprises in the centre of Europe that welcomes more than 100 stands per day and about 2000 visitors in total. Trading with other practice enterprises is possible in Dutch, French and English.


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Will BELFAIR 2020 be cancelled or postponed?

We are looking into the possibilities and are negotiating with our suppliers and partners. A lot of our suppliers charge costs, although the event has been cancelled due to the Corona virus.

If it is financially possible for COFEP to cover an extra edition of BELFAIR in november 2020, we would organize 2 BELFAIR trade fairs in 1 school year.

Will we recover (part of) our registration fee?

If COFEP will have to pay for all or most of the charges for the March 2020 edition of BELFAIR that had to be cancelled, unfortunately not.

If we are able to organize a november 2020 edition of BELFAIR, we would do our utmost best so that exhibitors that were registered for the event in March 2020, would be able join free of charge.


How will we receive the fireproof textiles and personal banners that we have ordered?

For Belgian PE’s:

One of the COFEP team members will contact you to arrange a visit to your PE or make other arrangements so that you receive the materials.

For the Dutch PE’s:

The ordered materials will be handed over to Arianne Schekkerman.

How will we receive the trade fair cards that we have ordered?

The trade fair cards can be used all year long, so it is up to you to decide if you want to continue your purchase or cancel your order.

The trade fair cards can be handed over during a visit to your PE, at a COFEP event or can be sent by post.

What will happen to our pre-ordered sandwiches?

The catering company was informed on Tuesday so the orders were cancelled in time. Up until now we are unaware of costs that will/could be charged by the company.

What do we have to do with the financing for personal purchases that we have already received?

Please use the budget of € 4000/trainee to realize purchases within the network.

How can we make sure that we have enough sales/purchases until the end of the school year?

COFEP is encouraging all Belgian PE’s to continue trading to a maximum. Please visit: to find out more!

General information

What is BELFAIR about?

BELFAIR is the annual Belgian trade fair for practice enterprises at Nekkerhal Brussels-North. It is one of the largest trade fairs of its type in Western Europe. BELFAIR welcomes more than 230 exhibitors and 2500 visitors in 2 days. The exhibitors are practice enterprises from secondary schools, higher education and adult training.

Where and when will BELFAIR 2020 take place?

BELFAIR 2020 will take place on March 12 and 13 at Nekkerhal-Brussels North. The address of the event location is: Plattebeekstraat 1, 2800 Mechelen/Malines (Belgium).

How do I get there?

On the page Venue info you will find all the necessary information about how to get to the venue by car/autocar, public transportation and plane for foreign exhibitors.

Is the venue accessible for wheels chairs?

The entrance, booths, stage, toilets and catering are accessible with wheel chairs. For the selection of your booth and other activities such as the Elevator Pitch competition it would be good to inform us beforehand.

Please contact us, if you need any assistance or if you have questions:

How about catering?

There will be a wide range of snacks available during the trade fair. Check out the menu here.

Exhibitors can pre-order sandwiches until March 1st.

How about accommodations?

You will find all the info you need on:

Will the cloakroom/vestiaire accept my luggage as well?

Yes! The cloakroom/vestiaire is free of charge, but make sure to hold on to your ticket during the day. You will need it at the end of the event.

Where and when will BELFAIR 2021 take place?

BELFAIR 2021 will take place on March 11 and 12 at Nekkerhal-Brussels North. The address of the event location is: Plattebeekstraat 1, 2800 Mechelen/Malines (Belgium). Click here to discover how you get at the venue by car/autocar, public transportation and plane for foreign exhibitors.


Is it still possible to register as a visitor?

Of course you are welcome to visit BELFAIR with or without trainees. As a visitor you can do live purchases at BELFAIR using trade fair cards. You will find more info below.

Visitors can register (as a group or as an individual) up until 1 week before the event by clicking on the registration buttons on the homepage.

Visiting BELFAIR is free of charge.

Where can I find the list of exhibitors?

The list of exhibitors, as well as their booth number, is published in the News menu on the following page:

Where can I find the BELFAIR guidelines?

The guidelines are published here in the menu VISIT BELFAIR;

Where can I find the floor plan?

In order to find the booth of an exhibitor, the catering, the meeting point or the chill zone, please make sure to check the floorplan that is published in the menu Visit BELFAIR (click here or visit: Feel free to download the PDF-version of the floorplan.

The list of exhibitors, as well as their booth number, is published in the menu News on the following page:

Is there a time schedule?

Of course, check out the program page ( Also make sure to read more about the activities in the meeting point and chill zone.

Decoration & set-up

When do I set up my booth?

All exhibitors are expected the day before to set up their booth. Boots can not be set up in the morning, because of security checks.

Boots can be set up on Wednesday between 13h30 and 19h00, on Thursday between 16h30 and 19h00.

Please check the BELFAIR guidelines:

What gate do I use to set up my booth?

Please use gate 3 or 5 (click here to visit the floor plan). The other gates will be closed.

If you use public transportation, you can use the short cut from Nekkerspoel train station to the Nekkerhal:

How about internet?

We kindly advise you to thoroughly check our internet guidelines:

Can I use wood, paper, ...etc to decorate my booth?

Make sure to use fireproof or fire retardant materials only, so please don’t use wood or plastic to set up an entire booth. If you do so, this is at your own risk.

It is strictly forbidden to use fire, candles and balloons filled with gas at your booths.

Please check the BELFAIR guidelines:

I am not able to find the certificate that states that my materials are fireproof. What do I do?

For the banners we have a standard certificate from our supplier, so you can use the banner that you have bought at COFEP these last few years.

I you have bought textiles in the past, you should have your own personalized certificate that come along with your delivery. If you have lost this document, you can use your materials at your own risk. We don’t have any duplicates.

Please check the BELFAIR guidelines:

Can I use reception tables instead of 1 big table?

Yes, you can. If you don’t wish use the standard table, you can use 3 reception tables instead. Either you bring your own reception tables or you use the tables that you have rented at COFEP (possible at registration).

At what time can I disassemble my booth?

BELFAIR ends at 15h30 each day. You are not allowed to leave or disassemble your booth before 15h30.


Pre-orders & rented materials

I have purchased/rented materials. When and where do I pick them up?

You will be able to collect the purchased or rented materials, such as banners, textiles, trade fair cards and reception tables, on the day that you set up your BELFAIR booth. Please go to the COFEP reception desk at the entrance of the venue.

Make sure to bring 50 EUR in cash if you have rented party tables, as a deposit. At the end of the day those 50 EUR will be refunded, when you return the tables to the reception desk.

I have pre-ordered sandwiches. Where do I pay and pick them up?

Sandwiches can be pre-ordered by exhibitors until March 1st. Remember to pick them up at 11:00 a.m. at the catering point and pay with your bank card.

Can we buy something to eat/drink at the venue without pre-ordering? Yes, there will also be a wide range of snacks available during the trade fair. Check out the menu here.

Purchases & payment

How do I pay for my virtual purchases as a visitor?

You can pay directly for your BELFAIR purchases if you use trade fair cards. You can order those cards at registration (as exhibitor or visitor). At BELFAIR you will collect them at the COFEP desk near the entrance. You will receive an invoice for these cards (1 EUR/piece) after registration. We kindly ask you to pay for the trade fair cards before the event.

Lastminute orders? Please e-mail us:

What is a COFEP trade fair card?

A trade fair card is a virtual credit card that can be used at trading events like BELFAIR.

Who uses trade fair cards?

  • Visitors that don’t have their one practice enterprise (yet).
  • Practice enterprises that know beforehand that they won’t be able to handle all the administration after BELFAIR, such as paying the BELFAIR invoices that they will receive from suppliers.


With a trade fair card the client immediately pays for his/her purchase. As a supplier you take note of:

  • name of the client
  • number/reference stated on the trade fair card

After BELFAIR you will be able to collect the amount paid with trade fair cards from COFEBA, the bank of COFEP.

1 trade fair card costs 1 EUR. You will be able to order your trade fair cards at registration. Afterwards you will receive an invoice for the amount of cards that you have ordered. Please collect your trade fair cards at the COFEP desk near the entrance of the BELFAIR building.

I have an old COFEP trade fair card with the old COFEP logo. Is it still valid?

No, you can change it for free at the COFEP desk. You will receive a trade fair card with our new logo.

How about personal (trainee) purchases?

Each trainee will receive 4000 EUR per BELFAIR day after registration. So if you participate 2 days, each trainee will automatically receive 8000 EUR.

Please note that you don’t have to request this amount. It will be automatically transferred to your bank account.

For Belgian practice enterprises we will use the number of trainees stated in Basic Bank. Foreign PE’s will have to indicate the number of trainees attending BELFAIR.


Are there any competitions?

Yes! There is an Elevator Pitch competition in the morning, as well as a Mystery Shopping all day long, both organized by COFEP. Please indicate at registration if you want to participate yes or no.

A time schedule for the Elevator Pitch competition has been published here. You will also receive a personal e-mail/confirmation.

Each day we will select a top 5 that will receive a golden ticket announcing that they might be part of the top 3 that wins a real prize, just before the award ceremony.

The top 3 that wins the real prize (tablets, mobile phone, …) will be asked to collect their prize on stage.

And of course don’t forget to take a lovely picture at the COFEP photo booth. If you share your picture on your social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter), you might win a nice prize as well!

Check out for more info!

Why should a trainer visit the meeting point?

Click here for more info on the activities/ demos in the meeting point for trainers. Coffee and tea are offered by COFEP, while you exchange best practices with your colleagues or visit the booth of Fourcast for Education or/and Odoo.

Why should a trainee/ trainer visit the chill zone?

You will definitely need a break or some time to relax before/after boosting your sales. Click here for more info on the activities in the chill zone. Take your picture at the photobooth or discover how to highlight one of your talents at the VDAB booth.

How about sightseeing?

You will find all the information you need on:

Registration for exhibitors

How and when do I register as an exhibitor?

Exhibitors can register until December 13 2019 by clicking on the registration buttons on the Homepage. At registration we ask for preferences on the location of your booth. The floorpan contains 6 zones. The sooner you register, the more chance you will have to be situated in your preferred zone.

How much is the participation fee?

Exhibitors will pay a participation fee. They will receive an invoice that has to be paid before the event. The prices are:

  • 200 EUR for 1 day
  • 300 EUR for 2 days

Included is:

  • 1 table
  • 4 chairs

Visiting BELFAIR is free of charge.

  • a Heras fence that can be decorated

Guidelines for exhibitors

How do I decorate my booth?

You can choose between:

  • a Heras fence with a personalized banner with your logo/ campaign/slogan (+ 65 EUR)
  • a Heras fence with fireproof textiles 3m long (+ 5,5 EUR/ meter)
  • your own booth/decorations

Of course you don’t have to pay any supplement, if you already have one of the above mentioned decorations. At registration you will get the opportunity to buy/indicate the decoration that you prefer.

If you use your own materials, make sure that you have a certificate stating that the banner/textiles are fireproof. If you have bought a banner via COFEP in the past, we have a general certificate from our supplier.

I want to buy a banner/fireproof textiles at COFEP. What is the deadline?

You can purchase fireproof textiles in different colors until December 13, 2019.

If you would like to buy a personalized banner, you have 2 options:

  • you create your own banner in Indesign or a similar program.
  • COFEP helps you to create your own banner (you provide us with an idea!).

The deadline for option 1 is January 6, 2020.

The deadline for option 2 is November 8, 2019.

The guidelines for the banner are published in the menu EXHIBITOR INFO.

Where can I find the guidelines for the personalized banner?

The guidelines for the banners are published in the menu EXHIBITOR INFO.

What other materials can we buy/rent ?

If you are not able to bring your own reception tables, you can rent them at COFEP. We charge 20 EUR/day for 1 table and 1 fireproof black cloth.

Please indicate that you would like to rent them at registration.

Check our FAQ for more info!