Annual trade fair for practice enterprises in the centre of Europe that welcomes more than 100 stands per day and about 2000 visitors in total. Trading with other practice enterprises is possible in Dutch, French and English.


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Update BELFAIR – corona

We understand your concern about participating in BELFAIR 2020. COFEP closely monitors all government notifications in this respect. As long as they do not impose additional measures, BELFAIR will take place. 

Continued application of the general prevention measures is important to reduce the risk of contamination, including BELFAIR: 

1. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly (40 to 60 sec.) with soap and water. The use of special wax gels is not necessary, normal soap is sufficient. 

2. Do you have to cough? Put it in a paper handkerchief or in the inside of your elbow. 

3. Use paper handkerchiefs when sneezing or sniffing. 

4. Avoid touching each other’s hands. 

5. Be sure to stay home when you’re sick. Contact your doctor.

6. Avoid close contact with sick people.

7. Avoid touching your face as much as possible with your hands.

8. Wearing masks at BELFAIR makes no sense.

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