BELFAIR is the annual Belgian fair for practice enterprises, organised by COFEP. It is one of the largest trade fairs of its type in Europe. BELFAIR usually welcomes more than 230 practice enterprises and 4.500 participants in 2 days. The exhibitors are practice enterprises from secondary schools, higher education and adult training.


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The main activity at BELFAIR is trading with other practice enterprises (B2B) and registering personal purchases (B2C) of trainees or visitors.

The exhibitors use contemporary tools to register their sales. They enter their orders directly in an ERP system or in the Trade Fair Point-of-Sale (cash registration system). They use modern tools during the sales pitches and present their range and/or promotions in an original way to their customers.

Since the practice enterprise is a concept of learning by doing, virtual money is used and the goods are not really shipped. However, all payments are made in banking software and the entire document flow is completed.


Sales Pitch

Phase 1: Pre-selection with videos

The first stage of the competition is a pre-selection phase in which you provide us with the “Sales Pitch” you would like to present to BELFAIR.

  • Send your video (60 seconds maximum) by February 1st to:
  • Make sure your video is creative, convincing and professional.
  • The exact evaluation criteria will be published on this website in due course, so you know exactly what to expect when making your video.

Phase 2: Evaluation

In mid-February, all videos will be judged. To qualify for the live final at BELFAIR, your video must achieve a minimum score of 15/20.

Phase 3: Live final at BELFAIR 2025

During the final, the selected candidates will have the opportunity to present their existing sales pitch (maximum 60 seconds) live to the jury. The five teams with the best results in the final will receive a “golden ticket” during the day. This means that they will be expected on stage at the awards ceremony. Each day, our jury will select 5 winners for this competition.


Phase 1: Publication

The goal is simple: create a commercial with the central message “Come visit our booth at BELFAIR”.

  • Publish your reel (of maximum 30 seconds) before 01/02/2025 on the Instagram account of your practice enterprise.
  • Tag and use the hashtags #BELFAIR2025 #COFEP.
  • Unleash your creativity and make sure your video stands out and catches the attention of visitors.
  • The exact criteria for judging will be published on this website in good time, so you know exactly what to look out for when creating your commercial.

Phase 2: Judging

Mid-February all entries will be judged.

Phase 3: Announcement of winners

The top 5 videos that score best according to our judges will receive a “Golden Ticket” at the trade fair. This means they will be expected on stage during the awards ceremony.


This year we are adding a fun and interactive competition to our event: the search for the favorite BELFAIR mascot.

Phase 1: Identification

When you register at the COFEP desk, you will receive a unique number and a QR code. Be sure to attach it to your outfit in a highly visible way.

Phase 2: Vote Recruiting

Encourage visitors and other exhibitors to vote for you. To cast a valid vote, they must scan the QR code and choose your number.

Phase 3: Announcement of winner(s).

The excitement builds throughout the day, and during the closing ceremony we will announce the mascot(s) with the most votes. This means you will be expected on stage during the awards ceremony.

Register for this competition when registering for BELFAIR as an exhibitor!

Register for this competition when registering for BELFAIR as an exhibitor!

Register for this competition when registering for BELFAIR as an exhibitor!