BELFAIR is the annual Belgian fair for practice enterprises, organised by COFEP. It is usually one of the largest fairs for practice enterprises in Europe. At a traditional BELFAIR, we welcome more than 230 exhibitors and 2500 visitors during the course of 2 days. The exhibitors are practice enterprises from secondary education, higher education and adult education.


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General information

What is BELFAIR ?

BELFAIR is the annual Belgian trade fair for PE’s, organized by COFEP. It is usually one of the largest PE trade fairs in Europe. At a traditional BELFAIR we welcome more than 230 exhibitors and 2500 visitors, spread over 2 days. The exhibitors are PE’s from secondary education, higher education and adult education.

Where and when will BELFAIR 2021 take place?

Given the current COVID measures, the 2022 edition will take place online on March 10 and 11. For the second time, a nocturne will be organized on Thursday, March 11 from 18:00 to 20:00.

Why should you be a part of BELFAIR?
  • It is your chance to present your range to a live audience.
  • You can test out your procedures.
  • You get to know other virtual companies and can establish collaborations.
  • You have a stack of orders to process after the trade fair.
How to contact the organising committee?

Send an e-mail to


Which platform will be used for BELFAIR 2021?

We chose to use a platform created specifically for virtual companies. This platform was made available to us by VEI, the American central of PE’s. There was, of course, still customization done specifically for COFEP and extensive testing.

We deliberately chose not to use existing, commercial applications. By opting for the current platform, participation in online fairs is completely free of charge for both exhibitors and visitors.

Where do I find the guidelines?
Where do I find the program?

An overview of the activities can be found here. The schedule can be found in the menu, under Program.

How can I prepare for my participation?

Perfect preparation is a must for a successful trade fair experience.

Do you want to prepare yourself as a seller at the trade show?
Then check out the FAQ in the “Guidelines for Sales” section.

Would you like to prepare yourself as a buyer at the fair?
You can find all the tips and tricks you need in the FAQ – “Guidelines for Purchases”.

Online trade fair etiquette

During the trade fair, a professional attitude is a must!

Please check these etiquette rules!

How to prepare the elevator pitch competition?

Guidelines for Sales

What is the end date for registration?

You can still register as an exhibitor until the start of the fair. We do advise you to register by 25/02/2022. In this way, you will also appear in the list of participants that will be downloaded by other virtual companies in preparation for their visit.

How do I register as an exhibitor or a visitor?

Register through the page Registrations on this site.

Do I have to pay to be an exhibitor at the trade fair?

No! Any virtual company can participate in the online trade fair for free.

However, in order to keep your virtual company’s accounts interesting, a virtual fee is charged to exhibitors. This fee varies according to whether you choose a standard or top booth. Of course, the invoice you receive for this amount is intended for your virtual company’s accounting, and you pay it by virtual bank transfer.

How can I process orders during the trade fair?

As you wish:

  • In your webshop
  • In your own IT system

Guidelines for Purchases

How can I organize my purchases?

When you have access to the exchange platform, you can drop by the different stands and make purchases.

Are you part of a PE?

You can make company purchases as well as personal purchases.

You can pay via the company account, the personal account, the PE credit card, trade fair card or in some cases just cash.

Are you not (yet) part of a PE?

In that case you make personal purchases. When placing orders, keep in mind a realistic amount.

You can pay with a trade fair card or in some cases just cash.

Questions about the means of payment? Click here.

How do I prepare my purchases?

You can download the exhibitor list for each fair in the online fair lobby. The list of exhibitors will be available 2 weeks before the opening of the fair. Attention: registration as vendor is possible until the day of the event, so make sure you have the most recent list.

How do I know what tool the seller will use?

If you download the participant list in advance, you will find the video conferencing tool used (Zoom/ Google Meet/ Microsoft Teams) in the Video Conferencing Tool column.

Can I invite external visitors ?

Yes, external visitors (board/management/colleagues/ …) can also make purchases at our online fairs. Individuals who are not part of a virtual company will soon be able to register on the Registration page under the BELFAIR 2022 menu.

The guidelines for visitors are here.

Can I evaluate my experience at the fair?

Absolutely! Your shopping experience and constructive feedback is surely welcome information for the vendor.

Immediately after you visit a trade fair booth, you will see the invitation to rate your visit to the booth.


Decoration & tools

What equipment do I need ?

As an exhibitor, your vendors must have at least:

  • a good internet connection
  • a desktop or laptop with built-in or external webcam/microphone/speaker
  • headsets or earphones

Extras, such as a tablet for registering orders are useful but not essential.

If possible, reserve a very large room or several rooms for the online trade fair. That way you can avoid echoes and other disturbing noises.

What videoconference tool do I choose?

We don’t hide it: we still think Zoom is the tool with the most extensive functionalities for an online trade fair.

Of course, you are completely free in your choice. Whether you go for:

  • Zoom with breakout rooms
  • Google Meet with links to separate meetings or the recent breakout feature (if you have the right Google for Education version)
  • Microsoft Teams with the recent breakout feature

Make sure you’ve tested in advance at test events or internally with your trainees. Good preparation is worth a lot!

How do I upgrade my booth?

There are many ways to dress up your online booth or increase interaction with your customer. We love to inspire you and invite you to explore them:

  • Create a virtual backdrop
  • Scroll through your online catalog:
  • Use a tool like Classroomscreen: https://classroomscreen.comThe possibilities are endless! Experiment with your trainees or contact us if you need additional ideas.


Transactions & payments

What are the payment options at a trade fair?

Check the overview here.

How to order trade fair cards?

If you are a visitor and do not have a virtual company, you can pay with a trade fair card.

You can order these here.

If you choose for digital trade fair cards, you will receive an overview with card numbers and their expiration date.

If you choose for a physical trade fair card, you can order it before the 1st of March at 1 €/piece with a minimum order quantity of 15 pieces.